ATC Medical Assistant Romana Abaya

ATC Medical Assistant Romana AbayaRomana Abaya graduated from the Medical Assistant Training Program at A-Technical College in 2014.

“I first joined the Medical Assistant program in 2013 on my G.I. Bill. My husband and I both agreed that I needed the Medical Assistant skills that I was lacking. I had just finished up the Surgical Tech program at another school, but was not aware of how hard it would be to find a job without the knowledge of injections and blood withdraws.

When I started this program, my husband advised me to BE the change you want to see in this world. To lead by example of how I carry myself; to inspire others and our three-year-old daughter. Being a temporary single parent and student with a spouse deployed so far away from us is stressful itself. But coming (to class) and keeping up with student habits encouraged my peers. This is wonderful knowing that all the students will take away with them all the skills and knowledge Mr. Mireles has provided to us.

The A-Technical College staff are very supportive of their students and get to know them personally. They work hard finding them jobs that fit their lifestyle. They want all of their students to do well and walk out of this school feeling confident in their new career.”

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