Medical field needs thousands technology trained workers

The growing demand for healthcare professionals has made the medical field an attractive job market for many who are looking for good pay, good benefits and a chance for long-term stability in a growing field.

As previously reported on this site, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the medical assistant field will grow by as much as 34 percent over the next decade with nearly 200,000 positions needing to be filled as the healthcare industry continues to grow. The prospect of a good paying and stable career in this growing field have made it an attractive destination for job seekers, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics also cautions those looking to enter this field to obtain professional training, as those that do are in a better position to secure employment as a medical assistant and are much more likely to last in this field, which can be challenging, especially to those that lack proper training.

The healthcare industry is a great place to launch a career and the medical assistant profession needs thousands of more workers with professional training, including a focus on healthcare technology.

Technology use is also increasing in the medical field, which means today’s medical office professionals must have some training in the various computer programs required while working in this industry.

The technology firm Next IT has created a new program called Alme, which is an intelligent virtual assistant that is designed to allow patients to interact with a healthcare worker or healthcare company remotely in an effort to access medical instruction both clinical and administrative in nature.

“Waste and inefficiencies – in terms of time, effort and resources – consume up to a third of our nation’s $3.2 trillion healthcare spend,” Victor Morrison, senior vice president of health markets for Next IT, said in an article on “Alme for Healthcare unlocks a massive opportunity for technology automation by streamlining communication between patients and all of the different entities in the healthcare industry.”

Today’s medical assistants have to work with technology like never before. Various computer systems are being used and employers are looking for health technology professionals who have relevant training.

“Overhauling the healthcare system is a mammoth size challenge, the most dramatic change could come from empowering Americans to care about their health and proactively manage chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease that account for about 74 percent of all healthcare spending. Alme for Healthcare is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of healthcare by giving patients the tools they need to manage their health.”

Healthcare companies are using technology to become more efficient and they are also looking for medical office professionals who understand the value of working in an efficient manner.

The healthcare community continues to look for ways to use data and health records as a way to better treat patients, while also improving overall care. As these types of records become more and more important, there will be an increased need for health information technology professionals, especially those with training from a respected school, such as A Technical College.

If you are someone who would like to take advantage of the growth of the medical industry, but are looking for a career other than that of doctor, nurse or other type of hands-on medical professional, then the health information technology professional career may be right for you.

The medical profession is in need of workers of all types. This includes a need for those with medical training, but there are also thousands of support positions that need to be filled. This includes health information technology professionals.

These positions require workers that are experts on patient data and can communicate effectively with doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. The job is in high demand, especially as the healthcare industry continues to experience strong growth throughout the United States, in both traditional and non-traditional of medical care.

Now is the perfect time to take the next step in your career and enter a growing field that offers long-term stability, good pay and a chance to do what you love.

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