Medical employers needed medical assistants

Employers in the medical industry say medical assistants are desperately needed, a recent Houston Chronicle article reported.

There is a high value right now on medical assistants with professional training who can work in the growing healthcare industry, which is seeing a need for professionals in all types of medical positions.

The Chronicle reports that medical assistants work in the front office, which is the clinical part of the practice, including working with patients, conducting procedures under the physician’s supervision, and assisting with examinations. The back office, in which assistants also receive training, includes working with insurance coding, scheduling patients, handling patient accounts and other clerical duties, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The demand for medical assistants is expected to continue across the country as the BLS predicts that the field will grow by 40 percent by 2020, making it one of the fastest growing career fields in America.

However, the growth of the medical assistant profession isn’t the only reason to consider this career field. Working as a medical assistant can offer a fun and fast paced environment, and for those willing to complete additional training, career advancement is an option.

The medical assistant profession is one career in the healthcare field that offers the chance to work closely with medical professionals and patients. Medical assistants are able to provide valuable support through various clinical procedures and this field is also one of the fastest growing in the nation.

A Technical College’s medical assistant training program teaches students the ins and outs of the profession, including assisting with examinations, obtaining vital signs, performing office laboratory procedures and a variety of other tasks today’s healthcare employers require from medical assistants.

The medical assistant field is faced paced, as is most careers in the medical industry. Medical assistants working in a doctor’s office or other healthcare facility are often found going from task to task, sometimes filing health records on a computer one minute, and then assisting a doctor with clinical procedure the next.

The medical assistant field offers good pay and benefits, along with long-term stability. But it is also a challenging and rewarding career that keeps its workers on their toes throughout the day.

The specific duties of a medical assistant often depend on what type of facility they are working in. Some employers look for medical assistants who can specialize in a certain area and healthcare facility, like a podiatrist, chiropractor or optometrist office. Others are expected to function more as a generalist, performing different types of duties that include both administrative and clinical duties.

Unemployed Americans who stopped looking for work over the past few years are now looking to enter back into the workforce as the nation’s unemployment rate has begun to drop. However, searching for a job, especially one that offers good pay and long-term stability, can still be challenging as the recent economic growth across America is moving at a slow pace.

Medical assistants provide a valuable service in many healthcare facilities by assisting doctors and nurses as they perform a variety of procedures for patients. Medical assistants are also looked upon to help keep a medical office’s administrative records in good order and a firm understanding of record keeping and computer systems is important in this field.

A Technical College offers a medical assistant training program that offers the type of relevant training today’s healthcare employers are looking for. The growing demand for medical assistants has made this an attractive job for many who are looking for good pay, good benefits and a chance for long-term stability in a growing field.

Healthcare employers are looking for medical assistants who have up-to-date training an understand the new processes and systems that the industry requires. Many medical assistants work in administration and the new RCM systems are changing the way medical assistants are required to do their job.

A Technical College’s medical office professional training program is one of the best ways to secure a career in the healthcare industry with relevant and up-to-date training and experience. However, medical assistants are required to possess a lot of different skills ranging from administrative oversight to specific clinical administrative tasks, and those skills are changing every year as the medical industry continues to change. These positions require workers that are experts on patient data and can communicate effectively with doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.

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