Medical assistant field is growing

During a time when long-term careers can be hard to find, the healthcare industry can offer attractive careers to many jobseekers, especially those with professional training from A-Technical College.


The healthcare industry is exploding with growth and workers of all types are needed, including medical assistants, which the United States Department of Labor reports will be an in-demand profession until at least 2020.


Jobseekers considering a career as a medical assistant should start by completing a professional training program from a school that employers respect. A-Technical College offers a medical assistant training program that offers the type of relevant training today’s healthcare employers are looking for. The growing demand for medical assistants has made this an attractive job for many who are looking for good pay, good benefits and a chance for long-term stability in a growing field.


As previously reported on this site, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the medical assistant field will grow by as much as 34 percent over the next decade with nearly 200,000 positions needing to be filled as the healthcare industry continues to grow. The prospect of a good paying and stable career in this growing field have made it an attractive destination for job seekers, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics also cautions those looking to enter this field to obtain professional training, as those that do are in a better position to secure employment as a medical assistant and are much more likely to last in this field, which can be challenging, especially to those that lack proper training.

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