Health informatics growth boosts health IT demand

Recent growth in the field of health informatics means this is a good time for professionally trained health information technology workers to find a long-term career.


“Health informatics is the growing field of keeping, processing, analyzing and distributing medical records, Portland Mayor Michael Brennan explained in part,” reported the Bangor Daily News in an article about a new health informatics facility being built in Maine.


“Health informatics puts detailed information at the fingertips of doctors, nurses and hospital administrators, Brennan and others said Wednesday, allowing medical officials to make more informed decisions about individual patients and higher level financial problems alike,” the article added.


More and more healthcare facilities are expanding their use of information technology, including the use of electronic medical records and new software systems that assist in the delivery of medical care.


This is why there is a growing need for more health information technology professionals, especially those with professional training in relevant skills.


The healthcare field is growing and there are many different jobs across the industry that are experiencing a rising demand for newly trained workers. That includes the health information technology field and is one reason why many jobseekers are considering the training program at A-Technical College. Now can be a great time to launch a new career in the healthcare industry, which is one of the nation’s fastest growing career fields. Receiving training from a school like A-Technical College can help you launch that new career, especially in the health information technology field.

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