Growth in health care is evident

When you take a close look at the medical field you find rapid growth and tons of employment opportunities.

That is why many jobseekers are considering a new career as a medical assistant. This career offers the chance to enter the growing medical field without having to complete a lengthy and expensive college program. A Technical Institute offers a quicker path to a healthcare career, while also equipping students with the skills today’s employers are looking for when hiring modern medical assistants.

Many careers in the medical industry are some of the fastest growing job markets in the nation and that include medical assistants, which work in both clinical and administrative roles. The diverse tasks required of a medical assistant make professional training almost a must as its during training that students learn the various functions of a medical assistant, while also developing the medical-specific terminology used on the job.

A variety of stats and figures show the different ways in which the medical field is growing.

When you look at America’s 100 largest metropolitan areas you discover that 10 percent of all jobs are in the healthcare field. “Overall, healthcare has accounted for 13 percent of total job growth in the 100 metro areas over the course of the employment recovery,” reports “In 11 metro areas that span every major U.S. region, healthcare has accounted for more than 25 percent of that job growth.”

Bernie Monegain, editor of, said in her article that “jobs in the healthcare sector have grown faster than in any other industry, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. Over the past decade, the healthcare industry has added 2.6 million jobs nationwide, accounting for a 22.7 percent employment growth rate over 10 years, compared with 2.1 percent employment growth rate in all other industries.”

The growth of the healthcare industry is also seen in the amount of money the nation spends on medical care each year. “In the United States, healthcare spending now represents 17 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), and, amidst a modest economic recovery, healthcare costs are expanding at twice the country’s economic growth rate,” stated a report by Russell Reynolds Associates. The growth in medical spending is actually a worldwide phenomenon. “According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), healthcare spending represents an average of 9.5 percent of GDP for the 34 OECD countries in North and South America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region,” states Russell Reynolds Associates. “The average annual growth rate in healthcare costs for the group is 4.9 percent (exceeding the U.S. rate). In China, where most of the country is insured, healthcare spending is growing at a rate of 16 percent. The global phenomenon, regardless of payer system, is that the pool of available capital to pay for healthcare is either decreasing or staying flat, while costs are rising. The pharmaceutical sector, where overall revenue is expected to remain flat or to decline over the next 10 years, is a reflection of this new reality.”

The medical fields is growing at a dramatic rate and that means there are a variety of employment options for those with professional training in a variety of medical professions, including medical office specialist. A Technical College offers a quality medical office specialist training program that can help you take advantage of the growing medical field and build a long-term career.

Medical assistants, which provide valuable support to both clinical and administration staff in a healthcare facility, are in high demand all across the country, especially as the number of patients being treated by the healthcare industry is growing every year. The growing need for medical assistants has led to a shortage and that means there are a lot of opportunities for those with professional training from a school like A Technical College. Applicants with relevant training in the clinical and administrative duties performed by medical assistants are finding a world of opportunities in the fast growing healthcare field.

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