Growing need for medical assistants

The healthcare field is home to some of the most in-demand careers today, which is why many jobseekers are considering new jobs in a variety of medical positions. However, many of the fastest growing careers – such as doctors and nurses – can require years of expensive training.


The medical assistant profession is one healthcare job that is not only growing, but can be entered without a lengthy degree program. In a matter of months, students of the medical assistant training program at A-Technical College can launch a long-term career in this growing field.


The medical assistant career field is often listed as one of the most in-demand healthcare professions in America.


“Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks in a variety of work settings,” reported the career website in an article that listed medical assistants as the No. 4 in-demand healthcare career. “A staple of the healthcare industry, medical assistants are in demand all over the US. Employment for medical assistants is estimated to grow much faster than average, and job opportunities should be abundant for medical assistants with formal training or certification.”


If you have also wondered about starting a career in the healthcare field, but do not want to start a lengthy degree program, then the medical assistant training program at A-Technical College might be the right fit for you. This career field is expected to continue to grow as the demand for newly trained workers increases across the country.

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