Electronic health records will continue to grow

Electronic health records are a growing trend across the medical industry and it will continue to make professionally trained health information technology professionals important in a variety of medical facilities across the country from doctor offices to hospitals.


“The value of electronic health records comes from being interconnected, giving doctors secure and confidential access to consenting patients’ medical information any time, anywhere, and potentially saving lives,” wrote Howard Zucker, New York State Department of Health commissioner in a column for the New York Times. “Interconnectivity enables transmission of patient clinical records through a network connection.”


Zucker also wrote that the use of electronic health records will continue to grow and there will need to be trained professionals who can help oversee that transformation.


“Common standards will broaden use of electronic records and facilitate connectivity with health information exchanges,” Zucker said. “Standards will reduce costs, paving the way for smaller physician practices to gain access. Creating “plug and play” connectivity will give all parties a stake and a benefit in lowering costs while growing new markets and innovative new products.


“Greater interconnectivity of electronic records and health information exchange will promote coordinated care and support new care models under state Medicaid reform.”


You can take advantage of this growth by completing a professional training program in health information technology from a school like A-Technical College. There are many opportunities in this field, especially as the healthcare industry continues to experience steady growth.

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