Changing healthcare field needs trained workers

There is a growing need for medical assistants across the medical field. However, employers are looking for new employees who have relevant training and experience, especially as the healthcare field continues to evolve.


Change is constant in every industry, but the medical field is a place where change is especially prevalent as new technology, regulations and types of care are introduced. This means that today’s medical assistants are going to be expected to have training in these new processes and have an ability to adapt in the future as more change comes.


“The practice of medicine, nursing and all health professions is changing,” reports the Huffington Post. “Whether it’s new tests, tools and treatments or the reforms in the ways people access and pay for care, health care is always evolving. Yet we’re still struggling to change the health care workforce. The makeup of our health care workforce is not reflective of our nation’s changing demographics or needs, and this contributes to inequities in health.”


There is a growing demand for healthcare workers, including medical assistants. But in addition to needing more workers, employers need newly trained workers, like those students at A-Technical College.


The work of a medical assistant includes both clinical and administrative duties and both of these areas have experienced change in recent years.


Clinical procedures are using new technologies and equipment. There is also an increased focus on nurses providing primary care, which will mean medical assistants will work more closely with nurses in a clinical procedure.


On the administrative side there are new billing systems and the growth of electronic health records. Healthcare employers are looking for medical assistants who are comfortable with these new systems and demonstrate an ability to adapt as new ones are introduced in the coming years.


Employers are also looking for diversity in the applicants for the thousands of medical assistant careers available now. That is why the medical assistant training program at A-Technical College is a great option for all types of jobseekers.


“Research has shown us that having a diverse health care team — whether that be language, culture or where they grew up — improves quality of care and patient trust in the health care system,” the Huffington Post added in its article about the changing landscape of the healthcare field. “Over the years, we’ve tried many different approaches to help bring diversity and cultural understanding to our health workforce. From increased efforts to recruit more diverse students to student loan repayment programs for those who go back and practice in underserved communities, we’ve seen some progress and some success. But we still have a long way to go.”


There are millions of jobseekers across the country that are looking for a new long-term career in a growing industry. The medical field is one place where many jobseekers are looking, but there is a belief that a career in this field requires completion of a lengthy and expensive degree program to become a nurse or doctor.


However, there are many jobs in this industry that require the type of skills that can be learned in a matter of months. That includes the medical assistant profession, which has a need for applicants like those students at A-Technical College.


The healthcare industry is experiencing steady growth as more Americans gain access to medical care and the nations population grows older. This is forcing many medical facilities across the country to experience a shortage of staff, including in the medical assistant field.


If you are looking for a new career in a growing industry then the medical assistant profession could be the right fit for you. Employers are looking for applicants who have relevant training and an ability to adapt as the healthcare industry continues to undergo changes in procedures, technology and systems.


A-Technical College is a great place to launch a new medical assistant career as students are learning the skills that today’s employers are looking for. Students are graduating from the training program with a familiarity in the clinical and administrative skills that employers need from thousands of new medical assistants. This is a great time to launch a career in the healthcare field and A-Technical College is a great place to start.

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