ATC Graduate Jesus Chavez

Jesus Chavez

Jesus grew up in downtown Los Angeles. Jesus comes from a single parent household, being raised by his mother while she worked two jobs and raised 3 sons. As the oldest, Jesus had to set a good example and pay attention in school. Unfortunately, he started hanging around the bad crowd and was in and out of juvenile detention.

Jesus was exposed to gang and drug life at a young age. He always knew that he would try his best to maintain a good relationship with his teachers and counselors, even when he would get into trouble, because he knew they would always help. However, when Jesus turned eighteen, an event occurred that changed his life. Though he was sent back to juvenile detention once again, he managed to stay out of adult prison. Jesus quickly realized that he was very fortunate and decided to change his life, realizing he was being given a second chance at starting over.

After serving his time in juvenile detention, he decided to find a school that could help him and he ended up at A-Technical College.

Jesus Chavez


Here’s what his instructor had to say:

“My name is Jorge Mireles, Jesus’s instructor for the Medical Assistant Program at A-Technical College. When he first arrived at A-Technical College, he was very timid and did not speak much. When he started the class, I soon realized that he had a lot of struggles in his life and was ready for a change. Once Jesus began to open up about himself and the class, he found out that he was not the only one that had gone through life’s struggles.

He made friends and lost friends along the way, like any young person going through a change. One thing that would always push him to work harder was to set a good example for his younger brothers. He later shared with me that he did not want his brothers to go through what he had gone through in his early life and he desired to help their mother.

Jesus finished the program and went off to complete his externship, soon finding a job. Daily, he would come back to the school after his externship to look online for employment opportunities alongside Ms. Mejia in our A-Technical College Career Services Department. One day he called us to let us know he had landed an interview. The next day, Jesus was hired. Since then he has gone back to college to further his education in health care, and was recently promoted to Office Manager.”