HIT Career Outlook

Just what is Los Angeles health information technology? Do you want a career in something that you know nothing about? Believe it or not, some people begin preparations for a career without really understanding what it is they are getting into. Many times people base what they “want” to do for a living on a romanticized idea of what that occupation entails. But the realities of the job changes their outlook, often times too late for them to prevent wasting a lot of time and money.

For example, many women want to become nurses or teachers. They go through expensive schooling and get the proper credentials and licensures and begin a career as a nurse or a teacher, only to find the idealized vision they had of what their job would be like—i.e., changing the lives of others—is spoiled by the realities of angry or uncaring family members, excessive bureaucracy, and other factors that soon leave them disappointed, jaded, and even bitter that they weren’t able to accomplish what they wanted to do.

Whenever you are planning on embarking upon a new career, whether it’s Los Angeles health information technology or any other career, is do some research. Find out what the realities of the job are BEFORE you commit to the career. Find out early if you want to pursue a career in Los Angeles health information technology before you lock yourself into it.

Many people, especially young people who are entering into their first career, may not know how to research their career. Here are a few ways to know whether you think a career in Los Angeles health information technology is for you, or whether you should pursue a different career.

Do research online. Some professions have message boards and forums and social media pages that are designed for those professionals to hang out and discuss their jobs. For instance, truck drivers, doctors, and nurses may have their own message boards. You can reach many of them there.

Speak to a career counselor. Career counselors will likely have information on different careers, including Los Angeles health information technology, and can provide you a bevy of information on them. This is likely the first place you should go when considering a career if you are a young person.

Find people in the field…and talk to them. Find some people who work in the field you want to enter and contact them. Get their thoughts on what they expected their job to be like vs. how it really is. See if they have any regrets as to their career, and what they’d change about it. Also, of course, discuss what they love most about their job.

Speak to employers. Find out what the people who hire people in your chosen field of study do. Find out what they value in an employee and how they measure success in your field. For instance, if you are getting into Los Angeles health information technology, find out what their supervisors look for in a health information technician, and what sorts of behaviors and skills they would reward. You can learn a lot about a job by finding out what will net you praise from your boss, or a promotion.

There are many other things you can do to really explore whether that career in Los Angeles health information technology is for you, but these few items can be really helpful in helping you decide whether you want to really go for a career, or whether you are choosing it for other reasons. The main point to take away is that you really need to find out the realities of working a certain job before allowing yourself to idealize a life that will never materialize. There are pros and cons, positives and negatives to any job, and finding out the extent of the cons is as important as recognizing the pros.

So do your research. Find out as much as you can about a given profession. Heck, while you’re in school, start up an internship somewhere. Your happiness and fulfillment is a good half of the point of a career. Why not learn about your career before you start it?

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