A chance to help in an exciting field

There are many reasons to consider a career in the healthcare field, especially as a medical assistant.


In a recent article by healthcareers.about.com, five reasons were offered on why a person should consider a career in the medical industry. Included on that list was the growth the industry has experienced in recent years, the competitive pay and benefits, along with the plethora of jobs available across the country.


However, there are two other reasons that should also be considered for those considering a healthcare career, especially as a medical assistant.


One reason offered is that medical professionals have the chance to touch lives.


“In what other profession can you touch lives the way you can in the Healthcare industry?” the article asks. “You could help bring a new life into the world, or save a life from ending. You can change lives, impacting families the way only healthcare professionals are able to. Not only will you impact individuals, you could also make an impact on entire communities, providing healthcare in a variety of forms or treating diseases and ailments of all sorts.”


Another reason is the excitement the profession can offer.


“Healthcare is fast paced, you are dealing with life or death situations, and new patients come in every day, so you never will experience the same day twice,” the article states.


Working as a medical assistant might not include much interaction with life or death situations, but it is a fast-paced career that offers excitement.

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